by Aren Bruce

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This album summarizes and tells the story of my spiritual, emotional, and musical growth over the past 4 years. Although we often go through many experiences which try our faith in God, we can hold on to the joy Jesus gives by trusting in His plan.


released April 20, 2014

Photography and album artwork by Alisa Luby.



all rights reserved


Aren Bruce Takoma Park, Maryland

I'm a young Christian musician looking for opportunities to share Jesus through my music:)

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Track Name: What is My Calling?
What is My Calling?
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

Every day I ask You, God
To guide the path on which I trod
And show me how You’ll show through in my life
I pray for knowledge, pray for wisdom
Cleanse me of my sin, Lord I’m done
Help me find my purpose through this strife

What is my calling?
What is my reason?
Why do You pursue me?
Lord I’m the unclean one
Steer me the right way
I’m Yours and Yours to stay
What is my calling?
Lord, what is my calling?

If good things come to those who seek You
Why can’t all Your glory shine through and
Pull me back when I am led astray
I’ll be patient, I am willing
Your will I will be fulfilling
Lead me down the straight and narrow
Keep Your eyes fixed on Your sparrow

Lord it’s Your prerogative
My Life’s not mine, it’s Yours to give to me
To live for You in every way
If I embark on this quest
Lord, You have to promise
To answer me this question every day

Track Name: Open Me
Open Me
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

Sitting in my room at home
Dwelling on why I feel so alone
Where are You, Father?
Talk to me, tell me, why is it I always feel like a bother?
Jesus, can You answer me?
Come on inside and please set me free
God, I’m waiting for You to prove Yourself true
Take what I have, let me give it to You

Lord, open me
Make me into what You want me to be
Through distractions, infractions, please make it clear
Please make it plain what You want me to hear
Lord, speak to me
Open my eyes, Jesus, please let me see
The world from Your view
I need You, come through
This is all I ask of You

Among the chaos and the sound
I go to a place where Your spirit abounds
A glistening stream, it seems like a dream
The shimmering waters where I am redeemed
Jesus, come into my soul
I don’t want this burden; please take control
Lord, You gave me Your life and went under the knife
All of this to make me whole

Lord, I call upon Your name
Wondering who I can blame
But there’s nobody there
Nothing but this emptiness
This gaping whole
I can’t stand staying the same
God, I want to be changed
Lord, I’m going insane
And I’m begging You

Track Name: Emotional Security
Emotional Security
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

There’s no way that you can understand
What a jewel you were in my hand
Mistook you for cubic zirconia
And barely noticed the reflection of sunset I your eyes
I didn’t treat you like you’re valuable
Consideration for your thoughts and feelings did not show
I think I know just what the problem was
The bond between us hid the issues in ourselves because

We didn’t give it to Him every day
We didn’t remember our God was just a touch away
Give Him the keys to our heart
Emotional security, from God to you and me

I know we were young, but youth is no excuse
I gotta tell the truth, without the Lord it was no use
Our work, how vain it was
And now I know because the step that keeps us going is
We gotta follow the leader they say
Need to keep our eyes on Him and not each other that’s what’s safe
We won’t be trapped by our lust or our greed
From now until forever we’ll be free because we


I know you say we’re different people
But girl, we’re two halves of the same
And no I haven’t lived your problems
But, Baby, please don’t stand out in the rain
Believe I don’t have all the answers
But the solution I’m suggesting is a prescription that we listen and

Track Name: Travel Back
Travel Back
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

I recall the times I’ve shared with the One who really cared
Morning and evening would begin and end with Him
Now I feel tidewaters ebbing, of His love I am forgetting
If I want this flame to last, I’m afraid I’ll have to

Travel back to the feeling of Your love
Travel back to the power from above
If I want to experience the link that we now lack
Only one solution, I must travel back

Life’s distractions put us to sleep to the things we ought to seek
I need to change but not to only save myself
I’ve run too far, no I can’t feel Him
Is my excuse a no good reason
I know I’ll have to put these feelings on the shelf so I can

Travel back to the place where we began
Travel back to when my life was in Your hands
If I want to experience the link that we now lack
Only one solution, I must travel back

I’ve fallen short, I’ve sinned against You
How can someone like me repent to a perfect God who doesn’t seem to know my life?
Then You say Your strength is perfect and my self-righteous acts are worthless
The only way for me to know that You are God is if I…

Travel back to the feeling of Your love
Travel back to the power from above
If I want to experience the link that we now lack
Only one solution, I must travel back
Track Name: Nothing
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

Lord here I am, standing still
Patient and ready to do your will
My humble cry is that I die
To myself daily but there’s one loose tie

Sometimes I don’t feel You as much as I should
The demons want me to be less than good
But Your steady reply in my head helps me fight and it says

Nothing will ever remove us from Jesus
Not the storm in the sky or the soil beneath us
Not the angels or demons in heaven or here
Can stop the true God from always being near

I try to stay connected to
The God that parts oceans and makes mountains move
The way that I am, I’m not a big fan
Sometimes I forget how I fit in Your plan

Sometimes I don’t feel You as much as I should
The demons, they say, “You will never be good,”
But Your steady reply in my head helps me fight and it says


God of the Universe, Lord of the Light
I’ll never manage to hide from Your sight
Though I may never choose to accept who You are
Our bond is in Your scars

Track Name: Song of Moses
Song of Moses
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

The Lord is my strength, He is my song
He has become my salvation
He is my God, I will praise His name
My Father, God, I exalt You

Mighty Warrior, Wonderful God, what a name
Blessing and honor and glory and laud to His name
God You’re magnificent

In Your unfailing love You will lead
The people that You have redeemed
In Your strength You will guide them to Your holy dwelling
By the power of Your hand
You turned the sea into dry land
In Your presence, my enemies, they cannot stand

Who among the gods is like You?
Majestic in holiness, awesome in glory
Found in the heart of the sea
Your glory petrifies me



Sing! Sing! Sing!
Praises to the King
Exalt Him
The Horse and its rider are thrown in the sea

Track Name: For Better, for Worse
For Better, for Worse
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

Lord it’s not fair, You say that You care
Then why take away and fill me with despair
You say that You know what’s best
Let’s put that to the test
God You don’t know how I feel
How much more I can bear
We’ll try this stuff out, see what faith is about
Can’t see the road at my feet, but I hear You shout,
“Follow Me through the storm. I’ll keep your heart safe and warm.”
I swallow my pride and say,

God I want what I want but I’ll drop it
For better, for worse, I’ll seek you first
My whole agenda on hold, my life’s Yours to mold
I trust it’s under control, I give You my whole
Entire will of my soul, Lord I give You control

It gets tome just a little bit
How my soul never quits telling me that I’m fit for this job
The conductor of my life
The decision is Yours it’s no longer a fight
God, You don’t have to tell me, I know
You’re the one with the script, You’re in charge of the show
I’ll sit back only watch, my desires I forgot
I’ve swallowed my pride, I’m saying


God it’s difficult to take You at Your word
When I should know that you have all things conspiring for Your good
That’s enough from me, let me move over a seat
Take the keys and the wheel, navigate me from here
You’re the Way, the Truth, the Light

Track Name: I Won't Let Go
I Won’t Let Go
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

Now something keeps happening
Newsflash! I’ve done it again
Can I do anything right?
It’s in my blood, my design
Just like a slow dying vine
I need some water and light
So You send out an angel, solution in mind

I won’t let go ‘til you bless me, stranger in the night
I’m much in need of some strength of the heavenly kind
Tell me your name or change mine; we’re almost out of time
For the sun rises soon; I won’t let go ‘til you bless me

Lord God, I am just a man
Don’t gaze at me for too long
I’m like a worm in the sun
What good does my goodness do?
Apart from You is like owning a creature-less zoo
I want the good You have stored up for me


I’m determined to feel Your power
I’m determined to feel Your love
Promise me I’ll receive Your power, feel Your power, believe Your power

Track Name: Sincerely, Christ
Sincerely, Christ
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

I have sheep not of this fold
Their praise is purer than 24 karat gold
My name is written on their lips
Their thoughts are embroidered with the scars of this

This generation lacks in faith
It won’t believe the words My Father saith
Proof and facts are its requests
But trust and love make My work

I am the God of the ocean
Creatures both land and sea
Watch as I make the mountains and plants sing their praise to Me
Realize My loving power
I put the “art” in “earth”
Let loose your sins of old and take hold of rebirth

I’m higher than the thoughts of man
My plans take root
I’ll always finish what I began
Your smartest move, just trust in Me
My life plan is easily
The best way to live

The world in all its wealth cannot supplement your health
Or plaster the hole in the drywall of your soul
Just cast your cares on me and rest upon my knee
A family are we
Free from sin now you can be

Track Name: Faith on Fire
Faith on Fire
Music and lyrics written by Aren Bruce.

My God, it’s been a while since I’ve last talked to You
My heart and mind, I feel, are not in tune with You
I want to part the seas, so strike the fear in me
That in what I do You’ll show through
Your perfect character shown true

I want to struggle for You, so light the fire in me
Light my lamp and I’ll see how You set captive souls free
My Rock I’m on my knees
Asking You to give me faith on fire
I can leap over a wall, Your strength I feel in my knees
Determination to take Your saving love to the street
*Knock, knock* I hear You rapping on the door
Come in and be my Peace

Lord God, I want to go my own way
Still claim my life is Yours to stay
Don’t tell me, “That’s not how it works,”
I want my will today
Then he says…
“Just let Me take your sin away!
Your guilt is cleared it’s Mine to pay!”
The death in me is turned to dust
Okay! I’ll go Your way


Jesus, Jesus, now I trust You
How You’ve promised what’s in store
Jesus, Jesus, I am ready
Not my will but Thine much more…