by Aren Bruce

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released April 20, 2015



all rights reserved


Aren Bruce Takoma Park, Maryland

I'm a young Christian musician looking for opportunities to share Jesus through my music:)

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Track Name: Talk Talk Talk
every single morning I rise up
your love it gives me energy
I pray for patience, heap it on
I want to bless and heal the broken
curse the evil in the open
and tell the world i'm yours

so keep talk talk talking to me
whisper to the ear of my soul
I gotta listen listen listen to be
recast into the mold of my shepherd
need you to help help help me believe
your arsenal of love protects me
so keep talk talk talking to me
talk talk talking to me

verse 2
you're the rudder of my ship
the ocean and the sails
the sand on the shore
the seaweed drift
you're my anchor on the land
you sacrificed your life for my own
and gave moisture to these dry bones
and showed me how to live


root me deep, secure my feet
so when trials come I won't retreat
navigate the path I take
i'll await the narrow gate

Track Name: The Author (feat. Amanda Gomez)
in my thoughts you approach me
my emotion is growing
now my hand you are holding
as you lead me through time

god my words can describe you
see my mind can't decide truth
on my life please inscribe who you
are and who you claim to be

draw me a savior with flesh that bled love when you died
paint me a comforter whose voice soothes the fears of a child
find me the one whose sigh shakes the pillars of time
i want to meet the author

love we seek your protection
send your guiding direction
use your hearty affection to loosen the fetters of pride

i called you jumped in the pages
took my sin and its wages
denial and betrayal through the ages
still his love rages on


final chorus
you are the savior with flesh that bled love when you died
you are the comforter whose voice soothes the fears of a child
i found the one whose sigh shakes the pillars of time
i got to meet the author
Track Name: I'll Show Them
do it again, do it again
I've got a hold, i'm deeper in
you're eyes have seen your skin has felt
the trap is set, i'm gonna win

give up, love sin
no no no no no no no

no more excuses, i'll take my stand
I refuse to tie my own noose, i'm planted in the sand
you put these dreams in my head, my fingers this guitar
i'll show those demons in my head who you are

verse 2
why don't you stop
you know i'm right
we all know you're not worth the fight
excuse, excuse
you pray but why
i'm surprised you really sleep at night

you've run too far from his love
demon, that's not how it goes


I know that you struggle
I know that you fall
but you forget that my hands hold it all
the struggle you face
goes well with my grace
search for lady wisdom, she'll guide you through this race

verse 3
my soul is freed
my debt is paid
I sure love me some amazing grace
my time is now
my purpose real
no time for me to try and cut the deal

but dont' you want all you've gained
satan my answer is no

Track Name: Footprints (feat. George Nelson)
you visit in a dream
a crystal clear projection of your will
your message says to me
forsake familiar, take unknown, be still

prechorus 1
protect my heart i plead provide for all my need
send your comfort quick, papa my mind is growing sick

lord your purpose ceaselessly surpasses
all that i can reason more than i can reconcile
as you lead i'll follow in your footprints
prints of heaven, prince of peace
through this blessing plant your seed

i'm waling in the light
but darkness hides the path beyond your way
in unfamiliar land
your voice is my direction speak i pray

prechorus 2
guard my heart and mind handle the trouble i may find
till my seeds of doubt, uproot my unbelieving sprout


i have chosen to follow you
against myself i'm pushing through
keep my trust and kill my thoughts of turning back

prechorus 1/2

Track Name: Song of Salvation
with my soul i have desired you in the night
by your spirit in me i will seek you early
for when your judgments are in the earth
the inhabitants of the world will learn righteousness

open the gates that the righteous nation may enter in
the transgressor is absolved of his sin
salvation for foundation and walls
for yah the lord brings down those who dwell on high
hears the poor and needy's cry
our souls desire for your name

verse 2
you will keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you because he trusts in you
trust in the lord today and always
for in the name yahweh is everlasting strength


you will establish peace in us
for you have done your works in us
you weigh the path of the just
lord you know we wait for you

Track Name: Frames
god with faith and gratitude
i pray you'll help me follow through
in wituations that i face
touch my actions with your grace
when in reflection of my legacy
i pray it speaks truth of your power in me

lord let my story be used for your glory
words actions and motives all centered on you
give strength to my body, my life is an offering
a fragrance of selfless service to you

i know its not easy but help me press on
and look toward the goal a better beyond
each wound that i bear and each scar that you heal
has strengthened my will to see your face through my tears
so take these frames create a beautiful movie
production of heaven directed in truth
a novel of wonder
whose pages when turned speak of you


my story will be for your glory
my story will be for your glory
my story will be for your glory
i'll fight the fight you've won for me

your glory is forming my story
you're working for my good i won't worry
your plan's my occupation its sanctified
to sing the words that can't just be said

Track Name: Neck Deep
i'd be a little more calm if I was sure you'd given up
but the way the future's passing, it seems that when i'm stuck
you ask me if I would like to try again
if we could be friends

verse 2
am I really worth it when the sin hits the fan
bad enough already but I thought I'd try my hand
at showing what a pro I am at cleaning up my mess
but it added more stress

why do you stay on the line when my ear is not pressed to the phone
and how do you tug on the chords of my heart strings made of stone

that's right cuz you're my father
don't mean to be a bother
your patience swells and gushes
washes me like water
Papa, I'm drowning, I don't know how to swim
Neck deep in your love, through your death I'll choose to live

verse 3
this body of death, won't give it a rest
take a look at my puffed up chest
saving myself has been pretty rough
i admit now my pride is scuffed

verse 4
i'm sorry i say each and every day
i'll turn my life around okay
he responds "i broke your bonds
there's nothing anymore to pay"

trust fall to death of my ego
resurrect to the sight of my hero
amazed at your growth in my shrinkage
even more so your strength in my weakness


forbearing forgiveness is new every day
don't know what to say
it's hard to believe you accept me each time
but because your word urges me to believe
i will plant my mustard seed