Fighting Chance

by Aren Bruce

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Here are a few songs about the struggles and rewards of relationships. Enjoy!


released February 14, 2014

Songsdedicated to Ruth Yepez. Album artwork by Ruth Yepez.



all rights reserved


Aren Bruce Takoma Park, Maryland

I'm a young Christian musician looking for opportunities to share Jesus through my music:)

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Track Name: Fighting Chance
Fighting Chance
by Aren Bruce

What's the deal? I hurt your heart? I'm sick and tired of tearing scars
Why can't I be good enough?

You can't forget, you're quick to say
The issues scare the peace away
Don't give up now,
There's Light in the heavens

We've got a Fighting chance
Our lives are in his hands
Let's put our faith to the test

Trust that I won't give up
Though my acts don't show love
We're a team that sticks together
Through the nasty stormy weather

Hold these words close to your heart
"He's not done with me yet"

Take the deal I promise you
There's nothing more that I can do than lay us at the alter
And let self burn

Let my God renew this pair
And show his handiwork as fair
Don't give up now,
There's light in the heavens


The futures is worth the fight,
I see the path with His light
Be patient please with me
Stand by me my princess and one day you'll see
Track Name: Emotional Security
Emotional Security
by Aren Bruce

There's no way that you could understand
What a jewel you were in my hand
Mistook you or cubic zirconia
And barely noticed the reflection of sunset in your eyes
I don't treat you like you're valuable
Consideration of your thoughts and feelings did not show
I think I know jut what the problem was
The bond between us his the issues in ourselves because

We didn't give it to him every day
Didnt remember our God is just a touch away
Give him the keys to your heart
Emotional security
From god to you and me

I know we were young by youth is no excuse
I gotta tell the truth, without The Lord it was no use
Our work, how vain it was
And now I know because the step that keeps us going is
You gotta follow the leader, they say
Need to keep out eyes on him and not each other that's what's safe
We won't be trapped by our lust or our greed
From now until forever we'll be free
Because we


I know you say we're different people
But girl, we're two halves of the same
And no, I haven't lived your problems
But baby please don't stand out in the rain
Believe I don't have all the answers
But the solution I'm suggesting is a prescription that we listen and...

Track Name: Sitting and Thinking
Sitting and Thinking
by Aren Bruce

I sat and thought about
The words that might come out
of my mind and my heart if I
thought to myself about you

You're a joy to be around
Your laugh I love it's sound
And your smile is so bright that sun loses light when you frown
And my heart skips a beat just at the thought of you

I'm grateful for the part you play in my world
Your personality and attitude, brown eyes and perfect curls
To think of you just makes me crazy with affection
How you care for me amazingly
Believing in me endlessly
You are my world
My precious pearl
You need to know that you're the perfect girl

Your eyes capture the stars
Had me frozen from afar
And the way that you care
For the world shows your heart so sincere

I'd liken you to the summer breeze
Or the honey that bears love from bees
You're the lucky right fin at my side in the ocean of life



They say that beauty's skin deep
They must not talk with the friend that I keep
Can't have your cake and eat it too
Forget the cake, I get to hang with a daisy in bloom